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How To Prepare a Vehicle for Shipping

Large numbers of vehicles are transported daily by shipping companies to different cities, states, and countries. When shipping vehicles, they should be properly prepared and inspected. The reason why cars are inspected is because sometimes the vehicles get damage during shipping. [More…]
Project Car
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How To Build Your Project Car On A Budget

You’ve pulled the trigger on that project car and dragged it home. Project cars come in all shapes and sizes, so let’s assume you’ve found yourself one that runs, but just barely. Only your true die-hard hot-rod buddies get it. Everybody else thinks you’re crazy. You see what the non-believers can’t, not a rusty junkyard escapee but a soon-to-be cruiser that just needs a little tweaking to become a loyal daily driver… [More…]
Tricks to Boost Performance
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Old Car or Truck? How To Boost Performance

Whether it’s because of the economy or simply because today’s vehicles are more durable, an increasing number of people are driving used cars and trucks longer. Those looking to re-energize these rides with a bit more power may want to consider installing a performance-enhancing aftermarket product. [More…]