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New Product: Chevrolet Tri-5 Rear Axle Bearing Retainer Plates
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Friday, July 15, 2016

New Product: Chevrolet Tri-5 Rear Axle Bearing Retainer Plates

New Product: Chevrolet Tri-5 Rear Axle Bearing Retainer Plates

Have you experienced leaking bearing retainers or bearing failure with your Tri-5?

The original design is weak and as it becomes bent and distorted it allows the bearing to move back and forth within the housing. The bearings are to be held in place by the retainer plates. O-rings are not designed to move; they are designed to provide a seal between two non-moving parts. Eventually, this movement will cause damage the o-ring seal, bearing, or both.

This is an OEM bearing retianer removed from a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air. It is bent, distorted and had been damaged when someone used a torch to assist with removal during a previous service.


These bearing and retainer problems prompted Tri-5 WeeCrafted to design these new, stronger CNC machined bearing retainer plates.


Changing Out The Rear Bearing Retainer Plates On A 1957 Chevrolet


Our Review

These Made in the USA Rear Axle Bearing Retainer Plates produced by Tri-5 WeeCrafted have been fully thought through, well crafted, and address a real problem with the Chevrolet Tri-5s. Considering the costs of damage from a leaking o-ring or OEM retainer plate, this product is priced quite reasonably.

For more information and secure online ordering (Use Discount Code ROADKILL and Save 15%), visit the Tri-5 WeeCrafted website:



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