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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Timebomb Kustoms - Old School Striping

Timebomb Kustoms - Old School Striping

Timebomb KustomsSelf-proclaimed Lover, Fighter, Pinstriper, Shift knob painter from hell... and all around nice guy, Jason Mattox of Timebomb Kustoms reminds us of an old school pinstriper - even with just a few years in the business, Jason remains true to the old-school way of pinstriping and he has great respect for those who came before him.

At any given car show or event, you'll see this striper working his ass off pinstriping cars, trucks or customs or in a vendor booth selling his wares. Jason not only stripes at car shows, he's also popular at tattoo conventions and other events. When not pinstriping at car shows, he spends many hours perfecting his craft, and has very little time for anything else.

Jason began pinstriping in 2005 as a hobby and out of love for the art. At that time, he balanced a full-time job while pinstriping but only managed to do a few locally around southern Indiana and a few in Ohio with a handful of work and no clients. Pinstriping has now become his life and sole source of income. His shop, Timebomb Kustoms is based in New Albany, Indiana. Jason now spends a lot of time at shows in Pennsylvania, Kansas, Florida, and Texas and has a solid client roster.

Although once known locally, his name is slowly but surely moving across the country and into other countries as well. He takes orders orders from Sweden, Finland, England, and Australia and gets requests for custom panels and hand-painted shift knobs from around the world.


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