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· Alternators
· Anti Lock Brakes ABS
· Automatic Transmissions
· Ball Joints
· Batteries
· Brake Boosters
· Catalytic Converters
· Clutches
· Cooling Systems
· Disk Brakes
· Distributors
· Exhaust Systems
· Fuel Filters
· Fuel Injectors
· Ignition Coils
· Ignition Systems
· Master Cylinders
· Oxygen Sensors
· Power Brakes
· Radiators
· Shock Absorbers
· Starters
· Tie Rods
· Timing Belts
· U-Joints
· Windshield Repair

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Horsepower Gain from Additional Blower Pressure

Enter the anticipated blower pressure. Enter the normally aspirated horsepower at the flywheel or transmission. Click on Calculate. The value will be returned in estimated horsepower, based on blown pressure increase. More Hot Rod Tools and Calculators...

Enter Planned Blower Pressure in PSI At Manifold

Enter Present Engine HorsePower At Transmission

Estimated Revised Calculated HP

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