February 23, 2018

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Good, Fast Rust - A Step-by-Step Process

How To Rust Metal – A Step-by-Step Process

How To & DIY
How To Rust Metal Materials baking soda blow torch chlorine bleach denatured alcohol / paint thinner hydrogen peroxide muriatic acid salt water clear coat (optional) wax (optional) Instructions Clean steel with degreaser (like lacquer thinner [Read More…]
Hot Rodding is Dead

Hot Rodding is Dead

So You Heard That Hot Rodding Was Dead… Maybe you overheard somebody say that all the old tin was gone, rusted away. That the scrap yards are empty of old cars. The voluptuous fenders of [Read More…]

Roadkill Customs has become the de facto resource for low budget, back yard builders and do-it-yourself hot rod and rat rodders. Our Mission is to "Keep Hot Rodding Alive" - We Promote and Support Real Deal, Old School, Traditional, Bad-Ass Hot Rodding by Providing Informative and Motivating Content along with Our Team's Experience and the Collective Know-How of Our Internet Family of Friends, Fans and Followers.

Live and let live. Build and let build. Drive and let drive.

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1936 Ford Humpback Rat Rod Roadster

Project: 1936 Ford Humpback Rat Rod Roadster This is what was delivered: Straight axle, wishbone, spring and a 1936 Ford Four Door Humpback that was at some point cut down to a two-door roadster. The first [Read More…]
Welcome - Chevrolet 3100 Fitted with Suicide Doors
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How To Install Suicide Door Hinges

Suicide Door Hinges, arguably made best known among today’s hot rodders and customizers by the Lincoln Continental four-door convertible of the 1960s, are a popular customization. Not only do they add a high level of [Read More…]
Automotive Basics

How To Use A Multimeter

How To Use A Multimeter ~ The digital multimeter is the go to tool for dealing with electrical problems in a car, and is the proper tool to measure voltage, current, and resistance. In fact, [Read More…]
Builds / Projects

1959 GMC / B-Body Chassis Swap

Project: 1959 GMC Truck / B-Body Swap and Cut to Short-bed Chassis and Drive-Train Donor: 1995 Chevrolet Caprice Classic A customer that had recently purchased a 1959 GMC Truck, running, came to us wanting to [Read More…]


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How To Install U-Joints
How To & DIY

How To Remove and Replace U-Joints

Tips and Techniques for Installing U-Joints Welding u-joints is not recommended. Aside from the technical complications of metal stress or risk of boiling the grease, welding your u-joints can be inconvenient. Welding is permanent and [Read More…]
Hot Rod / Rat Rod Wiring Diagram
How To & DIY

How To Wire Your Hot Rod

Hot Rod Wiring – Diagram Please Note: This diagram was designed for 12 volt systems, but can also be used for 6 volt systems. If used for 6 volt, make all the wires heavier by [Read More…]