July 18, 2018
Build Your Own Hot Rod

How To Build A Hot Rod

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Learn how to build a hot rod with these resources that help facilitate your build from inspiration and planning to building and customization. These tools help locate donor vehicles, project cars, and can determine what other cars have the parts you need (a big help at the salvage yard). Start you build here! […]
Rustarado - 1954 Chevrolet Rat Rod Truck

1954 Chevy Rat Rod ~ Craig Dolan’s Rustarado

Rustarado ó a 1954 Chevrolet Pick-up Truck ó is a first-rate Rat Rod Truck crafted by one Craig Dolan. This truck is simply stunning and demonstrates some handcrafted features that are very well done such as the leather-work and hand-worked and hammered copper panels.† […]
Charles Darmanjian's '47 Plymouth

Charles Darmanjian’s ’47 Plymouth

Charles is a one-man-show in a small three bay shop in North Troy, New York. He primarily designs and fabricates parts for cars that are far from rat rods, his project car is a 1947 Plymouth. While his business caters to newer cars, Charles admits that it’s the classics he really enjoys working on. […]

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Live and let live. Build and let build. Drive and let drive.

Project Car
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How To Build Your Project Car On A Budget

Youíve pulled the trigger on that project car and dragged it home. Project cars come in all shapes and sizes, so letís assume youíve found yourself one that runs, but just barely. Only your true die-hard hot-rod buddies get it. Everybody else thinks youíre crazy. You see what the non-believers canít, not a rusty junkyard escapee but a soon-to-be cruiser that just needs a little tweaking to become a loyal daily driver… […]