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Toyota MR2 Jet Car - Twin GE T58-3s Turbine Engine Jet Powered Car

Yep. We're ToyJunkies. We Made the Toyota MR2 Jet Powered Car Famous.

Toyota MR2 

Twin-Engine Jet Car

  • Thrust power by twin (2) General Electric T58-3s Turbine Jet Engines
  • Four (4) Fuel Tanks
  • Power Steering
  • Power Brakes
  • Fire Detection
  • Fire Suppression
  • Roll Over Protection
  • Heavy Duty Slotted Disc Brakes
  • Drag Chute

This 1991 Jet-Powered Toyota MR2 is thrust driven by twin (2) GE T58 turbine engines, has 4 fuel tanks, power steering, power brakes, fire detection, fire suppression, roll over protection, self starting and is very, very quick. We have taken the Toyota MR2 jet car to the salt flats twice, the first time it wanted to fly @ 140 mph, but after adding the spoilers and air dam it stayed solid thru 187 mph with a lot more room to go.

Toyota MR2 Jet Engine Powered Car - Seen On The Jay Leno Show

Toyota Emblems Badges Ornaments

The Toyota MR2 jet car runs on Jet-A fuel, and will probably run on diesel fuel, but we have not tried it. We believe the Toyota MR2 jet car to be street legal except for a somewhat excessive noise level. The jet car is thrust only and it has no reverse. The tires are rated @ 170 mph, heavy duty brakes with slotted discs and includes an intercom and mike and ear piece for your helmet. The Toyota MR2 Jet Car is equipped with a drag chute but we have never needed it - air intakes are on the sides and top of the engine cover, no compressor stall thru 145 mph, for fast and salt flats running a modified engine cover is put on it to take the air off the top of the roof to supply more air and keep salt out of turbines.

About the Twin General Electric T58 (series) Turbine Engines

T58 Turbine Jet Car Engine Layout DiagramThe T58 (series) is a free-power, axial-flow turboshaft engine. The compressor has 10 stages with variable inlet guide vanes and variable stators on the first three rows. The compressor has a compression ratio of 8.3:1 and flows approximately 13 lb. of air per second at 26,300 rpm (at the gas generator). The combustion chamber is of the annular design. The compressor rotor rear shaft is made from 17-4 Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steel. Two turbines drive the compressor, and one turbine drives the load through the rear output shaft at 19,500 rpm

GE - Maker of the T58 Turbine Jet Engine that Powers the Toyota MR2 Jet CarThis high reliability turbo-shaft engine was designed specifically for powering helicopters. Initial development began in 1953, with the first T58 engine tested on a modified HSS-1 helicopter in 1957. T-58 production ended in 1984 with over 6,300 engines produced.

Designed of the free turbine principle the Gas Generator and Power Turbine sections are not coupled. The engine weighs approximately 350 lbs and produces between 1200 and 1400 shaft horsepower (depending on the exact T58 model and what agency designated the power rating). Specific fuel consumption is 0.64 lb/shp/hr.

This high power-to-weight ratio, together with its compact size, makes the T58 engine an ideal power plant for a 1991 Toyota MR2.

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T58 Turbine Engine Features

Type; Axial Shaft (turboshaft)
Number of compressor stage; 10
Number of turbine stages; 2 low pressure,1 high pressure
Combustor type; Annular
Max rated power output; 1350 shp (Sikorsky S-61A-1)
Specific fuel consumption at max power; 0.6 lbs per hour per HP
20.2" diameter
55" Length
305 lbs dry weight
Overall pressure ratio at max power; 8.2

The T58 gas generator produces approximately 4200 horsepower, of which about 1200 to 1400 horsepower is available at the power turbine. Nearly two-thirds of the total gas generator output (approximately 2800 horsepower) is required to sustain engine operation. Here's an excellent Introduction to Turbine Engines presented by General Electric.

For more details about the T58 turbine engines in the Toyota MR2 Jet Powered Car, please visit the source of the above information, and Home of the T58 Turbine Engine Powered Boat - Turbine Fun.

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